IMPROVment® Method

IMPROVment® is an integrative method that emphasizes physical and mental fitness by encouraging our participants to create their own movement in response to multiple auditory prompts.

At the core of this practice is the liberating idea that an infinite number of movement ideas can emerge from a single cue. There are no “wrong” movement choices. Class participants take chances in an atmosphere free from judgment or preconceived notions of what dance should look like.

More specifically, the integrative method can be applied as a movement protocol:

  • in community classes for older adults living with neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • at assisted care facilities in wellness initiatives
  • in various pediatric communities
  • in annual trainings
  • in PT and OT curricula
  • in intergenerational performances


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IMPROVment® Initiative

Through positive feedback, funding, and our ability to engage interdisciplinary teams and communities we developed a broader initiative around our method and defined our mission, vision, and immediate goals to help us grow on our journey.


Our mission is to implement, research and optimize the IMPROVment® method to empower movement for brain/body health in the communities we serve.


To align this work with global initiatives that leverage research-based practices in dance and movement-based practices to empower people to improve their brain/body health.


  • Increase the knowledge of the IMPROVment® initiative within our local, national, and international communities through an updated website, publications, and strategic partnerships.
  • Maintain focus to achieve milestone success for our NIH-funded grant with successful recruitment and wave completion.
  • Identify new research projects, interdisciplinary teams, and strategic partnerships that will continuously test, validate and optimize the IMPROVment® method through a variety of delivery options and new communities served.
  • Optimize the IMPROVment® training and teaching programs to ensure integrity of the method and trainers to best serve our communities.

How Can IMPROVment® Benefit You?

Even though we began helping cognitive impaired, we found potential benefits for many other populations (counseling, general wellness older adults, weight loss studies, rehab, movement studies, chronic pain, etc). Incorporating the IMPROVment method into research studies targeting populations mentioned above could be a beneficial addition when working with others besides those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Behavior modification to improve the quality of life for older adults, including chronic pain populations would blend well with the methodology we have developed. We feel this method could be a useful tool in other areas. We’d love to hear from you!

seated movement


Improvisation is cognitively challenging and requires spontaneous decisions.

teaching movement


Dance has been shown to decrease fall risk and help with balance.

two seated women


Group classes encourage socialization and an overall sense of well-being.